Posted by: gravessack | September 29, 2016

Almost Identical, but Polar Opposites

Baseball is weird! My two favorite teams are having the most extreme years. While the Twins have the worst record, the Cubs have the best record in MLB. The funny thing is that they are exactly opposite of each other.

The Twins, who are 56-102, will finish in last place in the AL Central. They opened the year at 0-9 with Miguel Sano unknownin the outfield. It regressed from there. Recently, the Twins lost 18 games out of 20. The Twins batting has not been bad, as they have the 11th best batting average in the AL at .251. The Twins are just four shy of 200 home runs. The main sticking point was the pitching staff. They couldn’t hold a lead or give the offense a chance to catch up. Over the course of the season, the staff had a league low ERA of 5.10 with 1,153 strikeouts. These stats are what led up to the firing of Terry Ryan and putting pitching coach Neil Allen, along with other coaches, on the hot seat.

Meanwhile, the Chicago Cubs are on a tear. The club has a record of 101-57 and will definitely finish in first place in their division. unknown-1
After the 2014 season, the Cubs snatched up Joe Maddon to manage and revamp their system. It worked as they made it to the NLCS last year. The Cubs have been dominate at home this year as they are 57-24. The Northsiders have a batting average of .256, which is 5th in the NL, to go along with 194 home runs. The Cubs pitching staff rank #1 in their league in ERA at 3.13. Their starters have won a whopping 79 games. Theo Epstein became the Cubs’ President of Baseball Operations in 2009, and their recent success just gave him five more years and just under 50 million bucks. This may be the Cubs’ best chance to win the World Series.

You may be asking if the Twins and Cubs could end up with the same record reversed. Well, each team has four games left. The Twins would need to go 2-2 with the Cubs going 3-1. That would be something!

Written by: Michael L. Sack


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