Posted by: gravessack | October 8, 2016

A Nightmarish Season (Except for One Guy)

If it weren’t for Brian Dozier, there would be no major bright spots of the Twins’ 2016 season. The second baseman was on fire the second half of the season. Dozier finished 2016 with a .268 average, 42 home runs (tied for third in MLB), 99 RBI and 104 runs scored in 155 games.

The rest of the team was a completely different story. The Twins started 2016 0-9 and never recovered, finishing with a 59-103 record, the worst in franchise history! The pitching, both the starters and relievers, was awful. The team finished 29th in MLB with a 5.08 ERA. Also, Joe Mauer was second to Dozier in runs scored, and Mauer scored just 68 runs! That stat alone says there wasn’t much going right for the team other than Dozier.

It will be interesting to see how this dreadful season affects Twins management. Recently, the team hired Derek Falvey as chief baseball officer. Owner Jim Pohlad has said that Manager Paul Molitor’s job is safe, but I’m not sure anyone’s job is safe after this year! I’m not sure who should go, but there needs to be some changes! The biggest challenge for the Twins this offseason is to get an elite starting pitcher without trading Dozier! Read a Star Tribune review of the Twins’ 2016 season.

Written by Sam Graves



  1. If you have 42 HR’s and “only” 99 RBI you know guys weren’t getting on in front of him.

  2. Very depressing Sam! There is always next year.

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