Posted by: gravessack | June 1, 2016

Exclusive Interview with Actor Micah Fowler

Two Men On recently had the privilege of interviewing Micah Fowler (pictured)Fowler, Micah, star of the upcoming comedy TV series “Speechless” (see May 18 post). Two Men On sincerely thanks Mr. Fowler for his willingness to be interviewed. We would also like to thank Rachel Altman, Ellen Gilbert and other Paradigm Talent Agency staff for making this exclusive interview possible. The interview transcript is below.

Two Men On (TMO): How/why did you decide to audition for “Speechless?”

Micah Fowler (MF): My agent called with the audition. After reading JJ’s scenes, I loved the humor and so related to the character. I really wanted to audition to have the chance to bring some of my own personality and humor to the role. I was excited because the scenes seemed like they were taken from moments of my life!

TMO: Where did the idea for “Speechless” originate? Do the writers have disabilities? Did you have input on ideas for the show?

MF: Our writer, Scott Silveri, grew up with a brother who has Cerebral Palsy and he wanted to show the humor in all the relatable situations his family faced. I live this everyday, so if something doesn’t feel genuine or real, then I feel comfortable speaking up. I am so grateful that our creative team is so responsive to input the cast has.

TMO: Since you have a disability, what barriers (if any) have you faced in the acting profession?

MF: There is a lack of opportunities for disabled actors due to the misconception that actors with disabilities can only play characters with disabilities. Even a majority of characters with disabilities are cast with able-bodied actors. Therefore, I do not get the chance to audition as much.

TMO: Did the writers of “Speechless” specifically want an actor/actress with a disability to play J.J.?

MF: Scott Silveri, our writer, envisioned an actor with a disability portraying JJ from the beginning. It was really important to him. The Network and creative team seemed totally committed to that idea as well.

TMO: Have you acted in other TV shows? If so, which one(s)?

MF: When I was younger, I did some work on Blues Clues and Sesame Street.

TMO: If you have acted in other movies, which role(s) have you had?

MF: I played Barry in the feature film Labor Day, with Kate Winslet and Josh Brolin a few years ago.

TMO: What have you enjoyed most about being part of “Speechless?”

MF: I’ve really enjoyed how close the cast family became during the shooting of the pilot. We have such a blast filming and there are so many laughs and funny moments that aren’t even scripted.  I also love that I get to be an inspiration to others both with and without disabilities. Oh and I am just so happy and grateful that I can be a part of making Scott’s dream come to life.

Thank you Mr. Fowler and Paradigm Talent Agency for making this wonderful interview possible!

Written and interviewed by: Sam Graves



  1. Great job Mr. Sam, you are so good with words. CONGRATULATIONS and good wishes to you Sam. Stay strong and positive.

  2. Very cool Sam. Hannah will be jealous.

  3. Great interview Sam. I plan to watch that show when it comes out. You will no doubt do interviewing with you new job. Go for it Sam and good luck!

  4. Thanks for sharing such a good thinking, paragraph is pleasant, thats why i have read it entirely|

  5. Wow what a true inspiration you are I wish my son had the ablility to communicate! After seeing the recent episode of Speechless last night our youngest son said he wished his brother could spell like JJ! I told him maybe we could pray for a Christmas miracle to happen for him.
    I absolutely love this show I wish it was a whole hour comedy show! God Bless You your an amazing actor & wonderful person to look up to!

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