Posted by: gravessack | June 8, 2016

Coming Next Week: USPSA Conference Cup Series

The championship season for Power Soccer is upon us. The United States Power Soccer Association (USPSA) has four divisions that all conclude the year with national tournaments this month. Power Soccer teams have to play at least 12 games during a season, which started in September, to qualify for the Cups. This will be the first year that the top 3 conferences will have their respective Cups at the same location within a five-day period.

The USPSA MK Battery Conference Cup Series will be held at the Turnstone’s new Plassman Athletic Center in Fort Wayne, Indiana, on June 17-21. The Championship Series will consist of 22 teams with three separate tournaments: Premier (10 teams), Champions (6), and Presidents (6) Cup. Each tournament will last three days, with the Premier Cup getting things started Friday, June 17.

Three Minnesota teams will be competing — 2 in the Premier Cup and one in the Champions Cup. Representing Minnesota in the Premier Cup will be the Minnesota Magic and the Minnesota Shockwave. The team that I play for, the Minnesota Northern Lights, are getting prepared for the Champions Cup.

Power Soccer is a sport for athletes with physical disabilities. Teams have 4 players in motorized wheelchairs on the court at one time – normally 3 forwards with a goalie. Games have 20-minute halves. Each player tries to control, pass and shoot an oversized soccer ball to score between goal posts.

For 42 hours of solid action, tune in here. You can find the schedule here.

***The Founders Cup, the lowest level of Power Soccer, was held in Wooster, Ohio, on June 3-4. The Madison Marauders beat River City, from the St. Louis area, by a score of 6-2 to win. NEP out of New Hampshire took third place, winning 5-3 against ASPO from Ohio.***

Written by: Michael L. Sack



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