Posted by: gravessack | June 3, 2011

Better Days Are Here!!

Since many of you are probably getting depressed by the poor play of the Twins, I am going to lighten the mood a little. But first I want to say that outfielder Delmon Young should be sent to the minors! Young can’t hit and he looks like a little leaguer in the outfield. The struggling Twins are 18-37 and 15.5 games back out of first place.

But, better days are here because summer is back. Summer is the best opportunity for wheelchairs to roam outdoors. Here are my summer highlights and news.

On June 2, Sam Graves and I both graduated from our respective schools. Graduation time is always fun and we are looking forward to next year. I graduated from Transition Plus and received my high school diploma. I have waited for that day to come for three years and it is a nice feeling to be done with high school. In the afternoon, Graves graduated from Minneapolis South High School at the Minneapolis Convention Center. We are both taking our adventure to MCTC in the fall. It should be fun and interesting.

The National Power Soccer championships are coming up quickly. Power Soccer is the fastest growing sport for power wheelchair users. Here is a quick rundown of the National Tournaments: Premier Cup will be on June 16-18 in Georgia; Champions Cup will be on June 23-25 in Minneapolis; Presidents Cup will be on June 23-25 in Georgia; Founders Cup will be on July 8-9 in Indiana. Minnesota has four Power Soccer teams. If you like action-packed fast play, you should check them out! For more information, click here.

Summer is the best time to get out! There are several fun places that are accessible: Mall Of America, museums, theatres, and lakes. All paths around Minneapolis’s chain of lakes are wheelchair-friendly. If you want to go on a nice night-time stroll or roll, I would recommend heading down to the St. Anthony Falls. Also, the Basilica Block Party in July and the State Fair in August are wheelchair accessible. Many wheelchair users get tight, so I would suggest getting a massage at the Minneapolis Wellness Center. The workers there are so nice and accommodating.

That’s all for now. Have fun this summer! And Twins, can you please win some games!?

Written by: Michael L. Sack



  1. Congratulation, Mike and Sam on your High School graduations accomplishment. You should be proud of yourselves.

  2. Congratulations Michael and Sam!!! Wow! What an accomplishment! Very, very best of luck to you both as you head to MCTC! Very cool!

  3. Congratulations Michael and Sam! Hopefully you’ll still have time to keep the blog going next year!

  4. Yay summer!!! I’m glad I’m not in MN right now so I don’t have to feel the pain of the Twins lackluster season.

  5. Is 5 games winning in a row enough for you?

    • NOPE! The Twins need to win a lot more games. – Michael

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