Posted by: gravessack | June 8, 2011

Position Change Could Be In Near Future For Mauer

On April 15, Twins catcher Joe Mauer was placed on the 15-day disabled list with “bilateral leg weakness”. He has not played a game for the Twins since. A little while later, Mauer developed a sore throwing shoulder. He currently is playing games as catcher and designated hitter for the Fort Myers Miracle, the Class A affiliate of the Twins. Though he is improving, the Twins have not announced a timetable for his return.

Mauer has had injury problems throughout his career.  Most of his injuries have to do with his knees and legs. This is because he is very tall (6’5″) and, as catcher, he has to go back and forth between crouching and standing up many times during games, putting a lot of pressure on his legs and knees. Though Mauer is a very good defensive catcher and the Twins want him to remain a catcher for much of his career, I think he should change positions. With his eight-year, $184 million contract and his three batting titles, he is WAY too valuable to be sitting on the bench.

Here’s my idea: Trade left fielder Delmon Young this offseason and work with Mauer on playing left field. Young is highly thought of and was very good last year, but he is batting just .233 with 1 home run and 14 runs batted in this year, plus he is a shaky defensive player. There has been some talk of Mauer switching to the outfield because he has a very strong and accurate arm and it would be much easier on his knees. Hopefully, to keep his bat in the lineup and to keep him healthy, Joe Mauer will be the left fielder for the Twins at the start of the 2012 season.  What’s your idea?? 

Written by: Sam Graves



  1. Interesting idea Sam. I am even more intrigued to find out what’s really ailing him.

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