Posted by: gravessack | April 15, 2018

Snow Whomps Target Field In Weekend Showdown

Snow covered streets and cars as an April blizzard barreled by.

There was a competition over at Target Field over the last few days. The duel was not between any teams, but instead, mother nature came to play. In a month where baseball games have been put on hold by the weather, Minneapolis and its nine-year-old stadium were crushed by a wicked April storm.

After the Twins beat the White Sox in game 1 of the series on April 12, the Twins held out hope that they could play some this weekend. The weather forecasters gave a grim prognosis: Winter Storm Xanto, which was predicted to bring around 15 inches of snow to the Twin Cities, would be barreling in from the west starting Friday. Sure enough, sleet started falling in the afternoon, which turned into snow late in the evening. The Twins cancelled that day’s game around 3 pm.

Snow continued to roar down all night. As inches piled up, there was a game to be played at 1 pm Saturday, April 14. The storm was turning ugly, and it gave the club no choice but to postpone a second straight game. Around lunchtime, the National Weather Service issued a blizzard warning for Hennepin County, the first since 2005. Target Field’s state-of-the-art underground heating system was struggling to keep up. It was not melting the snow fast enough. Shovelers were also having tough time. In the end, the inner workings of the complex gave up, prompting the Twins to cancel Sunday’s match-up later that afternoon.

Over on Twitter, people were wondering if the Twins ever thought of installing a retractable roof on Target Field after it was constructed. LaVelle E. Neal, a Star Tribune columnist, put that to rest sarcastically, by saying “there’s no staging area for materials or equipment to build the thing. Unless you borrow technology from Captain America: Winter Soldier, and build a hovering construction platform to build it, then drop it on top of Target.” It should be mentioned that the Twins vetoed the idea of a movable roof because it would cost substantially more to build the stadium.

Also, on social media, there was a picture of Fernando Rodney having fun in the snow. Twins fans and players sure have creativity while witnessing a Target Field first, postponing three consecutive games!

No make-up dates have been announced yet. Meanwhile, as Twin City residents dig out, the Twins get to escape the state, and the country, as they are set to take on Cleveland Tuesday and Wednesday at Hiram Bithorn Stadium in San Juan, Puerto Rico. With the temperature expected to hover around 85 degrees both days, Joe Mauer, a Minnesota native, will take a break from showing his new teammates how to cope in conditions not designed for baseball.

As I end this piece, snow continues to glisten down west of the Mississippi.

Written by: Michael L. Sack



  1. Great story Michael! Unbelievable weather and hopefully you all come out this for the better. Keep smilin! Go Twins!

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