Posted by: gravessack | July 9, 2017

Why Did the Twins Sign Bartolo Colon?

Pitcher Bartolo Colon, currently a member of the Minnesota Twins organization, pitching in a baseball game for the Atlanta Braves. (Photo: Todd Kirkland, Associated Press)

Photo: Todd Kirkland, Associated Press

On July 7, the Twins signed veteran pitcher Bartolo Colon, who is 44 and in his 20th major league season, to a minor league contract. According to, Colon is expected to make one start for AAA Rochester before joining the Twins rotation on July 18.

The Good

Colon has been effective for much of his long career. He had his best season in 2005 with the Angels, when he went 21-8 with a 3.48 ERA and won the AL Cy Young Award. Even in 2016, Colon was 15-8 with an impressive 3.43 ERA.

The Bad (Ugly Actually!)

2017 has been a completely different story for Colon. Pitching for Atlanta, he went 2-8 with an awful 8.14 ERA! Colon was designated for assignment by Atlanta on June 29 and was signed by Minnesota a week later.

My Thoughts

I really hope Colon can be an effective pitcher in Minnesota. Based on his 2017 stats though, I am not too optimistic. While Colon has been surprisingly good for so long, he is 44 (old by baseball standards) and his age might finally be catching up to him. There was a July 8 Star Tribune article arguing that signing Colon was an act “of desperation” by the Twins, particularly since Hector Santiago is on the DL and temporary replacement Felix Jorge struggled badly in his last start. Sadly, I agree with this argument. Why else would they sign a 44-year-old pitcher with an 8.14 ERA?

It seems as though the Twins think Colon may become good again based on his stats for most of his career. While that could turn out to be true, his 2017 stats, along with the fact that he is 44, are not promising. I guess we’ll see July 18!

Written by: Sam Graves


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