Posted by: gravessack | June 2, 2017

MK Battery USPSA National Tournaments Are Around The Corner

The championship season for power soccer, a sport for people with physical impairments, is here! In just a few weeks, 29 teams from around the country will make the excursion to Hamilton County, Indiana to compete for their respective Cups.2017 MK Battery Conference Cup Championship Series logo with a soccer ball on top of an American flag with a drawing of the Jonathan Byrd Fieldhouse in the background. The USPSA and MK Powered logos are at the bottom of the image. Starting last fall, each team played at least twelve games to secure a slot in this three-day event. Things will be ramped up as this year’s extravaganza will be the predecessor to the United Sates hosting the Fédération internationale de Powerchair Football Association (FIPFA) World Cup just a mere two weeks later. The MK Battery Conference Cup Series will be held at the Grand Park Fieldhouse in Westfield from June 16 to 18.

The United States Power Soccer Association (USPSA) consists of three top divisions, which will all participate: the Premier and Presidents Conferences will bring in ten teams, while the Champions Conference will have nine teams partaking. “It will be great seeing 220 athletes playing all under one roof on six courts,” says Karen Russo, President of the USPSA. “It should be quite exciting!”

For the first day and a half, pool-play for each tournament will take place. After each conference’s pool-play concludes, seedings will be determined and the knockout stage will begin, which will continue into the last day. Adding to the uniqueness to this event, all three national championship games will start at the same time: 2:00pm C.T. on June 18.

The USPSA is hoping this Cup series will be the kick-off to the World Cup. “This national event is also the launching pad for Team USA as they will begin their journey to Kissimmee just 10 days later for the World Cup and their quest to be the only team in history to win three back-to-back titles,” suggested Russo. She really hopes “that membership will give them a thunderous send off and then join us in Florida to cheer them on!”

Among the teams attending, there will be three from Minnesota. Participating in the Premier Cup are the Magic and Shockwave, and in the Presidents Cup, the Northern Lights will be looking to steal the Cup. All these teams faired pretty well this year in their conferences, with the Magic having the best luck. Fans should also tune in to watch all three Minnesota athletes on Team USA’s World Cup team cruising up and down the courts. Those three include: Riley Johnson of the Magic, Pete Winslow and Nathan Mayer, who play for the Shockwave.

The weekend will be a fantastic opportunity to see the sport grow. If you have not seen the sport, make sure to watch and see for yourself what power soccer is all about. It should be amazing and you can be a part of it by watching the livestream starting at 8:00 a.m. C.T. of the first day of competition. In addition, feel free to view each Conference Cup schedule. Please spread the word about this event as we prepare for the FIPFA World Cup at the beginning of July!

An Extra Tidbit: I am on the Minnesota Northern Lights, and will be heading into the tournament with eight goals in ten games this season.

Written by: Michael L. Sack


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