Posted by: gravessack | January 13, 2017

Twins Keeping Dozier; On Lookout For Another Big Bat

We have a decision! Ever since October 2, one of the resounding question marks the Twins had to answer is whether they should trade Brian Dozier. Of course, the Twins would want a Major League-ready pitcher in exchange for the All-Star, but would other teams oblige? General Manager Thad Levine wanted to make the right deal but not further harm the team’s chances this coming year. Besides from the Dozier talks, there have been some rumblings on possibly adding an additional slugger.

About a week into Levine’s appointment, the annual winter meetings occurred in early December. Knowing that Dozier, who cranked out 42 home runs while driving in 99 last season, could be traded, we fans were anxious. As the week went by, it became clear that Dozier would not be traded.

Weeks passed and the year changed with the Los Angeles Dodgers being the lone club in the running for the coveted second baseman. However, the Twins asked teams to make final offers two weeks ago. It was reported that the Dodgers would not give up pitching prospects Jose De Leon, Brock Stewart, Yadier Alvarez or Walker Buehler, who were all on Levine’s radar. The communication between the two teams stalled, and Levine will not make any further calls shopping the 29-year-old. Dozier diehards can take a sigh of relief, although the Twins will still take calls even though they have moved on from trying to make a trade.

In an interesting side note to Dozier staying in Minnesota, Levine wants to add another Designated Hitter to the mix. While they have Kennys Vargas and Byung Ho Park coming back, the Twins feel that signing an additional power bat would be ideal. Shockingly, free agent superstar Jose Bautista has recently been connected to the team. However, some think Falvey and Levine are scoping out every available player and it is not a serious possibly. It is getting late for players to sign with teams, so maybe Bautista, who has hit 308 career home runs, will come here because the Twins can give him his best offer! Other available designated hitters that the Twins could grab are Mike Napoli, Mark Trumbo and Coco Crisp.

Personally, I think our offense right now could get the job done with solid pitching behind them. With that said, there is no doubt that the Twins will benefit from keeping Dozier, and adding another reliable power threat in the middle of the line-up would provide extra assurance. In a recent Star Tribune article, Falvey said: “Given the landscape of players that remain out there, I would expect more activity later this month as we get closer to spring training.” Let us see if that comes true!

Written by: Michael L. Sack



  1. Should have kept ABW – Best power bat in the system over 4 year span.
    27-25-31-27 in 130 game avg

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