Posted by: gravessack | November 21, 2016

Plouffe, There It Is!

When General Manager Thad Levine took the reigns of the Twins two weeks ago, he promised that hard player decisions would be made in short order. Levine took only 12 days to make his first major and somewhat surprising transaction. The move surrounds a player who had to deal with a lot of rumors about him in the past two years: Trevor Plouffe.

On November 18, the Twins called the longtime third baseman and told him that he was being released, effectively making him a free agent. Plouffe, who has been in the Twins system for 13 seasons, said he was initially shocked by the call. However, he said he realizes that Levine was hired to do anything to improve the team. Since Plouffe’s family is settled here, he does not know what will happen next.

During his tenure with his lone club, who drafted him in 2004, Plouffe put up some decent numbers. He spent five years in the minors, then he made his Twins debut on May 21, 2010. During his first two seasons in the Majors, Plouffe struggled a bit, hitting just 10 home runs along with 37 RBIs. The 30-year-old’s most productive year just happened to be in 2015, where he averaged .244, racking up 22 long balls and 86 RBIs. Plouffe’s grand total of home runs and RBIs were 96 and 357, respectively. One of his not-so-good achievements with the Twins is that he led the American League in double plays in 2015, where he grounded into 28 of those rally-crushers.

In the end though, Levine thinks the Twins have a plethora of third basemen waiting to take over. Plus, it sounds like the Miguel Sano in the outfield experiment is all but over, although Levine said last week that “the extent to which Miguel can still play the corner outfield spots only makes him that much more valuable and more of an asset.”

We will see what transpires. One thing is for sure: Plouffe is a growing player and will be missed! He will find a new team; Milwaukee is on the hunt for a third base guy.

Written by: Michael L. Sack


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