Posted by: gravessack | October 15, 2016

“Speechless” Review

Now that four episodes of the ABC comedy “Speechless” have aired, viewers can begin to form their opinions about the show. Here is what I think of “Speechless.”

I really like the show so far. While it focuses on a kid with cerebral palsy (J.J.) and his family, the show is not overly sentimental. It uses wit and sarcasm, and does a good job of not putting too much emphasis on J.J.’s disability. It acknowledges his disability and the challenges associated with it, but portrays J.J. as a typical high school student.

Burnsville native Cedric Yarbrough, who plays J.J.’s aide, is probably the funniest character. I especially appreciate how his character treats J.J. with respect and as a normal kid instead of feeling sorry for J.J. because of his disability.

I would maybe like to see a little less of Maya DiMeo, who is J.J.’s mom, and a little more of J.J. The show focuses a little too much on her when it’s really more about him and his experiences.

Despite this small criticism, I love “Speechless” so far. The show respects J.J. and his disability while not putting too much emphasis on it. I would give the first four episodes 4.5 out of 5 stars. I’m definitely looking forward to future episodes!

What is your opinion of the show?

***There will be no episode of “Speechless” this Wednesday, October 19, because of the presidential debate. “Speechless” will return to ABC on Wednesday, October 26, at 7:30 p.m. Central for a Halloween-themed episode!***

Written by Sam Graves



  1. Sam I am thinking people are not aware of this show. It always takes time. I am sure you will get more comments as time goes on. I love the show and agree with all your comments. Mom is a bit overwhelming, but understandable. Glad they moved to a nicer home! I thought it was hilarious when he drove the car. The aide is definitely thefunny one. Glad you told me it would not be on this Wed. Keep on blogging about it–it will continue to get more hits. Awesome job of writing Sam. Always proud of you.

  2. So far I like the show too. I don’t think it’s overemphasizing JJ’s (Micah Fowler) disability and is more, as in typical sitcoms, something that has to be overemphasized and it’s the mother’s character. The writers have overemphasizing the mother (Minnie Driver) need to make JJ’s life easier. The writers have made the mother the one that is pushing the inclusion when JJ is doing a very good job at making sure he’s included without her help or input. All of the characters seem to add sarcasm at appropriate places and JJ seems to know how to take advantage of disability in the right places without over exaggerating the influence of disability the greater community.
    I hope the writers keep up the good work on this show because it could very well change the view of disability in the mainstream community especially in more middle-aged people. I believe younger people are more comfortable being around people with disabilities because it’s been part of their lives, inclusion and mainstreaming has allowed younger people to be more accepting of people with disabilities.

  3. We gave this show a real chance, watching it every week until mid-Feb 2017, and we finally gave it up. We like most of the characters, all except the Mom. She gets under my skin fast. Too much to tolerate, so much that the rest of the characters are overwhelmingly outweighed by her. Her character ruined the show for us. We think it’s great to feature disability and we love JJ, but it could be done without Mom being so off putting.

    • While I love the show and am still watching it, I agree about the mom. She’s a little too controlling for me.

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