Posted by: gravessack | September 18, 2016

Dozier, Hollermann, Aoki: Amazing Minnesota Athletes

Twins second baseman Brian Dozier had a pretty miserable first half of the 2016 season. At one point in the middle of the year, his batting average was under .200 with just a few home runs. Since Dozier was supposed to be an offensive star for the Twins this year, he was viewed as a huge disappointment.

Fast forward a few months and the story has a complete turnaround. Dozier currently is hitting .281 with an astounding 41 home runs! He also has 98 RBI and has scored 99 runs! He is the only Twin other than Harmon Killebrew to hit at least 40 home runs in a season (Killebrew has the franchise record with 49 in 1964 and 1969). Dozier is second in the majors in home runs behind Baltimore’s Mark Trumbo, who has 42. Dozier is tied for seventh in the AL in RBI and is 10th in the AL in runs scored. Dozier ranks third all-time in home runs hit by second basemen.

The Twins are wrapping up a historically bad season, but Dozier is having a historically good one. The main reason I watch Twins games now is to see if Dozier hits a homer! There has been recent trade speculation involving Dozier, but he is too good to trade! Click here for more on Dozier’s historic season.

On an unrelated note, congratulations to Minnesotan Rose Hollermann and the rest of the U.S. women’s basketball team on winning the gold medal at the 2016 Paralympic Games! Also, congratulations to Minnesotan Chuck Aoki and the rest of the U.S. wheelchair rugby team on winning the silver medal!

Written by Sam Graves



  1. What a great article Sam Graves, I am with you on this. I watch the games to see if Dozier is getting some additional homers. So fun to watch him play and hope he does not get traded, the Twins need him….

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