Posted by: gravessack | September 2, 2016

Paralympics Are Coming Up

Just two weeks ago the Olympics came to a close with both of USA’s basketball teams winning gold and Michael Phelps dominating in the pool—again. Those games were the precursor for what is about to transpire starting next week: The 15th Summer Paralympic games will take place in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil from September 7 – 18. Here’s a quick guide to get you prepared!

During recent Paralympics, NBC Universal has been televising the Games to sustain equality. This year will be no different as NBC will be broadcasting 70 hours, including 9 primetime slots. The Paralympics will also be shown in the afternoon and late nights, mostly on NBCSN. Coverage begins with the Opening Ceremony on September 7 at 6pm on NBCSN. To view the full TV schedule, click here.

The Paralympics are using some of the same venues as used for the Olympics. In all, the Games will be held at 20 different venues across Rio. Most notably, the ceremonies will be held at Maracana and the wheelchair rugby and wheelchair basketball competitions will be held at Carioca Arena 1, the same place where basketball was held during the Olympics. To see the list of the venues, click here.

Minnesota Connection
Ten athletes from Minnesota, participating in eight sports, will be heading to Rio with the largest USA Paralympic team in history. Chuck Aoki and Rose Hollermann are Courage Center alums who are on the wheelchair rugby and basketball teams, respectively. Team USA has reportedly grown 17% since the London games. Here is a Star Tribune article about the Minnesota contingent and athlete numbers in general.

Follow Along
Besides from the enhanced TV experience, the Games info will be on social media, as well at this website. Events will be streamed online.

It will be a fun week! As the Games move along, feel free to comment and discuss the Paralympics in the comment section of this post. Let the Games begin!

Written by: Michael L. Sack


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