Posted by: gravessack | August 27, 2016

Twin Cities Sports Access

Two Men On recently interviewed reps from stadiums throughout the Twin Cities to get an idea of accessibility in each stadium and why the stadiums chose to include certain accessibility features.

As you may know from reading this blog, Target Field is very accessible. An interesting fact about Target Field, according to Senior Vice President of Operations Matt Hoy, is that the stadium has more than 750 wheelchair seating locations since the ballpark was designed to meet the previous ADA guidelines. Although the new guidelines do not require as many wheelchair seats, Target Field has chosen to not reduce the number of wheelchair spaces. Hoy said that the goal for Target Field, which has been nominated for local and national accessibility awards, was to “have the most accessible facility possible.” Click for more on accessibility at Target Field.

CHS Field, home of the St. Paul Saints, also exceeds the number of wheelchair seating locations set forth by the ADA. Saints Executive Vice President Tom Whaley said the ballpark has about 110 wheelchair spaces and 180 semi-ambulatory seats “for fans that may not require a wheelchair, but for whom regular seats are not the most accessible.” CHS Field is in the process of installing cup holders in all accessible seats. Whaley said CHS Field is a significant upgrade over Midway Stadium, the Saints’ previous ballpark, where there amazingly were no elevators! Click for more on accessibility at CHS Field.

TCF Bank Stadium, home of the Minnesota Gophers football team, has about 850 ADA seats. Assistant Director of Sales & Service Zach Duket said that fans can request electrical outlets for wheelchairs on game days. Duket said he would like TCF Bank Stadium to add railings behind the ADA seats on the concourse so that other fans can’t get too close to the ADA seats. This would be similar to Target and CHS Fields. Click for more on accessible seating at TCF Bank Stadium.

U.S. Bank Stadium, new home of the Minnesota Vikings, has about 700 ADA seats and electrical outlets in ADA areas to recharge scooters and wheelchairs. Read the July 25 Two Men On post for more on accessibility at U.S. Bank Stadium.

Have an opinion on accessibility at Minnesota sports stadiums? Please share!

Written by: Sam Graves

Interviews by: Sam Graves and Michael Sack


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