Posted by: gravessack | July 25, 2016

A Quick Preview Of Accessible Seating At U.S. Bank Stadium

On the dark, dreary morning of July 23, stadium officials welcomed fans to U.S. Bank Stadium for the first time. I have heard that sun shines bright into the stadium due to the ETFE roof, but the weather gods wanted me to wait to see the sun-lit field. Like many other people, I was amazed by the stadium’s design. I was busy looking at all the glass and bummed out about all the rain as I wanted to see Downtown Minneapolis through it. However, I saw some glimpses of the ADA seating.

There are plenty of accessible sections throughout the stadium, totaling 690 spots. That number excludes the 140 spaces in the suites, loge and club spaces, according to ADA sections at U.S. Bank Stadium are very unique as each section is surrounded by glass. I have never seen that type of handicap seating in a stadium before! “We chose that {material} so people could see to the field no matter what height they were,” MSFA Communications Director Jennifer Hathaway explained.

I was a little surprised when I noticed that there were not any cup holders in the handicap sections. I have been to stadiums where it goes both ways. For example, Target Field has cup holders in those sections, while CHS Field does not. Hathaway told me that there are not cup holders in those sections at U.S. Bank Stadium “because they were not requested from our ADA committee.” She then added: “Of course if we determine that cup holders are needed at the ADA platforms, we will address the issue!”

As you can tell with that being the only thing that I found strange, I would say U.S. Bank Stadium was pretty darn sweet! As was the case after Target Field opened, I am confident they can improve the ADA seating even more at the gorgeous glass house if and when they need to. Without further ado, take your first look at an accessible section at Minnesota’s newest multipurpose complex.

Here is just one of the accessible sections at U.S. Bank Stadium. This section is on the 300 level.

Here is just one of the accessible section at U.S. Bank Stadium. This section is on the 300 level. Photo taken by Michael Sack

Written by: Michael L. Sack



  1. My son is bringing my 92 year old father to the Viking Packer game in a few weeks. They have tickets for an accessible area, but we do not own a wheelchair which my father will need. Does the stadium have wheelchairs to use? Do you know where I should go to rent a wheelchair for a one day use? Thank you- Carolyn Fletcher

    • Carolyn,

      Thanks for your message. I do not know if wheelchairs can be borrowed for games, but I looked on and saw that wheelchairs can be requested for all public and private tours. I would guess they would be available for games to

      • Carolyn,

        I would call US Bank Stadium and ask if they have any available for games. I hope you get one!


  2. I’m trying to decide on ADA seating for the 7/30/17 Guns n Roses concert at this venue…it’s between 100 level accessible seating and 300 level Balcony seating. Which would you recommend? It concerns me that the accessible seating in the 100 level appears to be located in the back of the section, will we be able to see if everyone stands up? My husband and I both use wheelchairs.

    • Hello Stephanie – As to where to sit, it depends on how much you want to spend; obviously the 100 level will be closer. U.S. Bank Stadium is set up like other new stadiums where the ADA sections are above the general seating, so vantage points will not be a problem. Hope this helps! – Michael

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