Posted by: gravessack | July 2, 2016

Soccer at Target Field…What??

Although Target Field is a baseball stadium, there are plenty of non-baseball events there. On June 25th, Target Field hosted its first soccer match, played between Minnesota United FC and Club León. Although Minnesota lost 4-2 it was a lot of fun to see soccer being played at Target Field.

As you can imagine, the field looked much different than usual (see photos below). Workers put sod over the base paths, so that the field covered part of the infield and the entire outfield. All the fans sat in the first deck of the stadium. I sat in the first row along the first-base line, right behind one of the goals! There was a group of Club León fans sitting behind me which was entertaining, as they were very lively!

I am not sure if Target Field is planning to host another soccer match, but I was impressed by the overall experience. All the fans appeared to be close to the action. I was also impressed by how Target Field could be transformed into a soccer field in just a little more than 24 hours. Click here for a news story on the transformation. Also, be sure to check out the photos below. With the Twins playing so poorly this season, it might be the Target Field highlight of the year!


MN United FC vs. Club León, June 25, 2016

MN United FC vs. Club León, June 25, 2016

MN United FC vs. Club León, June 25, 2016

Written by: Sam Graves


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