Posted by: gravessack | January 18, 2016

FIPFA Selects U.S. For Next World Cup

The world’s largest adaptive sporting event is landing in the United States next year. No, this is not your typical State Adapted Floor Hockey tournament or your Power Hockey or Soccer National Tournament. What is coming is much bigger! Earlier this month, the Federation Internationale De Powerchair Football Association (FIPFA) announced that the next World Cup will be located in Kissimmee, Florida, a suburb of Orlando, spanning from July 3-10, 2017.

This World Cup, which will be hosted by the United States Power Soccer Association (USPSA), will feature ten Power Soccer teams from around the world competing for the top prize. This event will have three preparation days, three competition days, and one off day before the Championship Round. The proposed World Cup format is a round-robin with the seeding being figured out afterward. Teams from each pool will go on to play in the knockout round to fight for first place during day two and three of competition.

With this magnificent event coming to the U.S., FIPFA is going grand with the site. The World Cup will be held at Silver Spurs Arena at Osceola Heritage Park. Silver Spurs Arena seats 11,400 and will hold two regulation sized Power Soccer courts. This World Cup site will be the largest site ever for an adaptive sporting event in the U.S.

This will be just the third World Cup. Tokyo hosted the event in 2007 and Paris hosted in 2011. Led by Indiana’s Michael Archer and joined by Minnesotan Pete Winslow for the 2011 games, the United States won both World Cups. The third World Cup was supposed to be held in 2015 in Houston, but FIPFA denied the bid due to costs getting to expensive.

The United States Power Soccer World Cup team will have 12 athletes with 8 being on the official delegation going to Florida. Three players from Minnesota, who are part of the club, will be vying for a starting role this year: Winslow from Woodbury, Nathan Mayer from Monticello, and Riley Johnson from St. Cloud. The other four players will be alternatives in case one of the top 8 athletes can not make it for some reason. The eight players who will represent the U.S. and the four reserves will be determined by the end of this year.

Next year’s FIPFA World Cup will maximize Power Soccer’s exposure in the United States! Stay with us as we will report broadcasting information, among other tidbits, as it becomes public. In the meantime, check out the official site of the 2017 FIPFA Cup by clicking here.

Written by: Michael L. Sack



  1. Michael~I am so glad you can share your gift of writing on this blog. Not only are you an excellent writer, you are a great power soccer player! I am thankful my son plays on your team. Keep up the good work!


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