Posted by: gravessack | December 13, 2015

Terry Ryan Is Not At Fault!

Recently, there was a post by my co-blogger arguing that Twins general manager Terry Ryan should be fired. I strongly disagree with that statement. Here’s why.

Signing free agents and making trades are complicated. While they can look simple to the average fan reading about it, there are several things to consider before signing or trading for a player. Perhaps the biggest factor to consider is money.

A good example of this is the Twins signing Byung Ho Park. Park, who has hit over 100 home runs in the last two years, was signed for (only!) $3 million a year over 4 years. That’s not all that much compared to other major league players, even those with not nearly Park’s numbers, but Park has never played in the majors! He has only played in the Korean league, which I’ve heard is significantly less difficult than MLB. The Twins signed Tsuyoshi Nishioka to a three-year deal worth $9 million (a signing made by former general manager Bill Smith, not Ryan). Nishioka, who had had a lot of success in Japan, did nothing in MLB. Park’s deal is perfectly reasonable since, while his stats in Korea were very impressive, nobody knows how he’ll do in MLB.

Some fans may have been upset with Ryan not making any transactions at last week’s MLB Winter Meetings, despite the fact that some other teams spent big money. The Twins hoped (and still do) to add a reliever, but top relievers this year are very expensive. The Twins don’t have nearly the amount of money that some teams such as the Yankees and Red Sox do (Minnesota had the 18th highest payroll in 2015). Also, La Velle E. Neal III of the Star Tribune said, “The last time I checked, the offseason doesn’t end with the winter meetings.” There are about four months until for the Twins to do something until Opening Day!

I don’t agree with Ryan about moving Miguel Sano to the outfield. Ryan should trade Trevor Plouffe for a quality reliever and have Sano play third base. Still, I strongly disagree that Terry Ryan should be fired and that he is afraid to spend big money (he did sign Ervin Santana for $54 million!).

We all want the star players, but the reality is teams can’t always afford everyone they want. So before blaming Terry Ryan, think about how complex adding players can be.

Please vote on Michael Sack’s poll (see December 11 post) asking whether you want the Twins to keep Terry Ryan as general manager. Vote to keep him!

Written by: Sam Graves



  1. Terry Ryan is not a good GM , he was a good assistant….
    In trades he is about 30% making good trades, 30% making fair trades(good for both teams) and 40% on getting taken …..
    as for signing Freeagents, Terry is about 33% , and for a mid market team , the GM has to be closer to 75-80% correct on FA and trades….
    he can not assemble a 40 man roster….his thinking this year is questionable ,
    watch as he will trade Magic beans for a 1 year reliever , or outfielder, rather then signing a quality free agent…a player who will have trade value next year or in 2018….once the kids push him out of the way…why is it important to have trading chips? So you can continue to restock the farm system ,or add to it in areas of weakness……Terry should not have come back …
    he is doing the same thing over and over…Look at last season , he didnt make a move ,till after he was publicaly called out by Torii and Dozier….
    if in May or June Terry had made a move, we would ,or should have made the post season….so it is time for Ryan to ride off into the sunset, and hopefully this time ,Ownership doesnt let him name his replacement…and then they sweep out the reat of the good ole boy network

    • You tell it how it is-I like it! -Michael

  2. Who do you think would be better?

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