Posted by: gravessack | July 11, 2015

Dozier Delivers!!

The title of this post may not make sense since it was announced yesterday, June 10th, that Brian Dozier finished second in the AL Final vote, meaning he won’t go to this year’s All-Star Game. Although that was disappointing, he delivered much more for the Twins later that night.

The game looked like a blowout. The Twins were losing 6-0 in the eighth inning to Detroit. Twins starter Ervin Santana got hit hard and the Twins could hardly do anything against Detroit starter Justin Verlander.

Then, something crazy happened. After the Twins came within 6-5 in the ninth inning and immediately following Danny Santana’s big two-run single, Brian Dozier hit a three-run homer to finish an extremely unlikely comeback and beat the Tigers 8-6! Target Field was insane!

I, like every other Twins fan, was very disappointed when Dozier did not win the AL Final Vote. But what he did yesterday and on June 6, when he hit another walk-off homer, is much more important than Dozier getting selected to the All-Star Game. Click for more on what Dozier means to the Twins. Let’s hope he can keep it up for the rest of the season!

Written by Sam Graves



  1. Such excitement Sam. Go Twins!

  2. This is so exciting, what a wonderful tribute to the Twins as well as to Brian Dozier. The game of which you are speaking was awesome. A great win for the Twins that will not soon be forgotten. Thank you Sam and Michael for adding to the excitement. It is Celebration time in Minneapolis…..

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