Posted by: gravessack | March 19, 2015

The Florida Report

Twins fan favorite Torii Hunter up to bat at Hammond Stadium

Hello from Fort Myers! Yesterday, March 18, I got to experience the newly renovated Hammond Stadium and the rest of the CenturyLink Sports Complex, the spring training home of the Twins. Although Minnesota lost yesterday’s game 3-2, it was a lot of fun to be at the complex! Here are some noteworthy things from the day:

  • I first went around to some of the practice fields surrounding Hammond Stadium and saw lots of players and coaches doing drills, including former manager Tom Kelly, former first baseman and current minor league coach Doug Mientkiewicz and prospect Miguel Sano! Sano, who is a big, strong guy and is ranked as the team’s second-best prospect, is even bigger than he appears on TV!
  • My favorite thing about the renovation is that you can walk (or wheel) all the way around Hammond Stadium. Previously you could only go around part of the stadium. I really enjoyed seeing all the views from different parts of the stadium.
  • In terms of accessibility, Hammond Stadium is fairly good. The stadium has many elevators (I can’t find the exact number), good wheelchair seating on at least one level and wide concourses. However, when I was leaving the stadium, I realized that at least one elevator only goes to a couple floors. What’s the point of an elevator that doesn’t go to every floor?!
  • Although the stadium does have several ramps, it would be nice if there was a ramp to the levels of wheelchair seating going all the way down to the entrance, like at Target Field, so fans unable to take the stairs would have the option of taking the elevator or ramp. That way the elevators wouldn’t get so crowded, especially after games.

Despite a couple accessibility flaws, Hammond Stadium and the rest of the CenturyLink Sports Complex is beautiful, especially with the renovation. Unlike with Target Field, fans will not be cold!! Make sure to check out the Photo Gallery for more pictures of Hammond Stadium and the CenturyLink Sports Complex!

Written by: Sam Graves



  1. Enjoyed your comments about the Hammond field Sam. The weather is the best part,true. Have a grand time and keep on blogging!!

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