Posted by: gravessack | February 22, 2015

Video Games Being Made For People With Disabilities

There are tons of popular video games, but many do not work for people with physical disabilities. That is why Joshua Straub, who has cerebral palsy and loves to play video games, created a website called Disabled Accessibility For Gaming Entertainment Rating System (D.A.G.A.R.S.). This website rates various video games and how accessible they are for people with all kinds of disabilities. Video game developers began to pay attention to Straub’s reviews, and Straub started getting consulting contracts from video game companies as far away as London and Paris! Last November, Straub was awarded $5,000 from the Courage Kenny Foundation. He says he will use the money to re-design his website. Click here to read more and to watch a brief news story on Straub!

*On another note, I will be going to Fort Myers, Florida, where the Twins have their spring training, in about a month. Look for updates and pictures! Though his defense is shaky, I predict outfielder Oswaldo Arcia will finally learn to be patient and have a big year offensively!

Written by: Sam Graves


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