Posted by: gravessack | November 18, 2014

The Case For Minneapolis to Bid for The FIPFA World Cup

Dear Minnesota Sports Facilities Authority:

Minneapolis and MSFA, in conjunction with the MidWest Power Soccer Association (MWPSA), should bid on a future Federation Internationale de Powerchair Football Association (FIPFA) World Cup. Power Soccer has grown dramatically around the World ever since Power Soccer Shop appeared right here in Minnesota, making specialty-designed chairs just for Power Soccer. If Minneapolis hosted the FIPFA World Cup, it would greatly improve the noticeability of Power Soccer.

The World Cup could be held at the newest Multi-Purpose Stadium in downtown Minneapolis. If we leave the stadium with the football configuration, there will be room to have 11 courts on the floor with fans being able to see all the action from the 65,000 seats. If you think 65,000 seats is to many for this particular event, the stadium can be transformed to accommodate several different events and if need be, it could be shrunken to around 20,000 seats just what you said the complex can do for Major League Soccer matches.

It might not be the big draw of a Super Bowl in 2018 or a Final Four in 2019, but it would be a powerful event creating awareness for athletes with physical disabilities from around the World. The FIPFA World Cup happens every four years and the United States have won it two times. In 2011 in Paris, the World Cup had 8 days of events (two days of preparedness, five days of competition with one off day). One of my dreams is one day an adaptive sporting event be held in a major stadium and this would be the ultimate event.

So, MSFA, please consider bidding for a future FIPFA World Cup to be held at Minnesota’s newest “people’s” Stadium. You have said that you wanted the new Vikings stadium to host a variety of events and adding this important event would prove that philosophy. I will even volunteer myself to be the driving force behind this cause. We can show the World that athletes with disabilities can play in the same arena as pro athletes!

Sincerely, Michael L. Sack

This is a diagram of what the FIPFA World Cup could potentially look like in the new Vikings stadium. Thanks to Steve Sack for creating this awesome floor layout.




  1. This is a fabulous idea. What do you know about the process for applying to host the games?

    • Not much. Trying to find out. -Michael

  2. I’m behind you 100% Michael!!!

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