Posted by: gravessack | September 21, 2014

Firing Gardy is Not the Answer

Many people would like to see Twins manager Ron Gardenhire get fired after this miserable Twins season, but I am not one of them. Here are a few reasons why owners shouldn’t let him go:

  • He is being blamed for too many problems. The Twins’ failure the past 4 seasons is due to several of the players, especially the pitchers, and their bad performances. Little (if any) of this is Gardenhire’s fault! Ultimately, it is up to the people who play the game to perform well, not the manager. Also, the Twins pitchers have the highest earned run average in the American League at 4.62. The pitchers are a large part of why the team’s not winning, not Gardenhire.
  • Are there better options? I don’t know all possible managers, but I’m not sure there are many (if any) better options to manage the Twins right now than Gardenhire. He has 14 years of managerial experience, and the Twins have won the division 6 of those years. Younger managers, such as former Twin Doug Mientkewicz, who is currently managing in the minor leagues, have little or no experience managing in the majors. Who is better than a manager with a lot of winning experience?
  • Rick Anderson needs to be fired, and the owners need to spend more money on quality players. Because Anderson is the pitching coach and pitching is the team’s main problem, he needs to be replaced before Gardenhire. Also before we blame Gardenhire, we have to acknowledge that team owners have largely been unwilling to sign high-quality players. My ideas? Free agent pitcher James Shields and outfielder Torii Hunter, who was a fan favorite until he left the Twins in 2007. Hunter is another upcoming free agent and has said he would like to end his career in Minnesota. Signing Phil Hughes and Kurt Suzuki last winter was good, but the team needs to sign more high-quality players before replacing Gardenhire. If the Twins are going to compete with teams such as the Tigers, who are not afraid to spend money on quality players, team owners need to spend more.

It’s easy to blame managers for their team’s poor performances. But the solution is more complex. Although I think Gardenhire likely will be fired following this season because of pressure from fans, I hope the Pohlads stick with him and would not be totally surprised if they do so.

What do you think about Gardenhire? Should he get fired after this season?

Written by: Sam Graves



  1. Firing Gardy isn’t THE answer, but it’s part of the answer.

    If one player plays poorly, it’s the player’s fault. If a bunch of them do, it’s either the manager’s fault or the GM’s fault. The problem is not just pitching. The defense is poor, the lineups often make no sense, and they make too many stupid plays.

    The “Twins way” of doing the little things right was really just the leftovers of the TK way. Kelly had some bad teams and he had some of the same issues as Gardy with respect to coddling vets, ripping rookies, and being overly loyal to a pitching coach that wasn’t getting it done, but his teams never looked poorly coached. Gardy’s do. It’s time.

  2. Greg,

    Do you have an idea of who could replace Gardy?

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