Posted by: gravessack | September 2, 2014

A Once-in-a-Lifetime Opportunity

Thanks to Gillette Children’s Specialty Healthcare and its CurePity Heroes campaign, “Two Men On” was invited to throw out the first pitch this Thursday night, September 4, at Target Field before the Twins game against the Angels!

CurePity Heroes is part of the CurePity marketing campaign sponsored by Gillette, a hospital and clinic that focuses on serving individuals with disabilities. The campaign honors individuals or groups who seek to improve the lives of people with disabilities or complex medical conditions.

CurePity was created to change people’s attitudes toward disabilities. People with disabilities have often been objects of pity, and, until fairly recently, this pity created discrimination toward these people, such as being separated from their families and communities and placed in institutions. Because of this, CurePity stresses feelings of acceptance toward people with disabilities, which will create brighter futures for them and provide them with opportunities they previously did not have.

Click here for more on this amazing campaign. Thanks so much to Gillette for making this incredible opportunity possible! Be sure to look for the upcoming story about “Two Men On” at!

Written by: Sam Graves





  1. Sam,
    Your Twins can use some more w’s in the win column but not you and Michael. You two are big time winners!!

  2. I agree with your Uncle Andy, you two are indeed big time winners! Keep up the good work.

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