Posted by: gravessack | August 9, 2014

An Interesting Few Weeks

It has been a busy few weeks for the Twins. First, the team designated reliever Matt Guerrier for assignment on July 23 and traded first baseman/designated hitter Kendrys Morales to the Seattle Mariners on July 24 for reliever Stephen Pryor. On July 31, outfielder Sam Fuld was traded to the Oakland Athletics for starting pitcher Tommy Milone. The Twins also called up first baseman/designated hitter Kennys Vargas from the minors. That same day, the team signed catcher Kurt Suzuki to a two-year contract extension with a contract option for 2017. Finally, on August 5, outfielder Jordan Schafer was claimed on waivers by the Twins from the Atlanta Braves.

I was not very surprised when Guerrier and Morales left the Twins. Guerrier, who played for the Twins from 2004-11 and was very good, has had recent injury problems and had struggled at times this year. Reliever Ryan Pressly was called up from the minors to replace him. Although I liked Morales and wished the Twins would have kept him, it seemed his signing was only temporary because he is a veteran and the Twins signed him for only one year. I do not know about Pryor, who is currently in the minors.

I really like the Twins trading Fuld for Milone. Milone, who is 32-22 with a solid 3.84 ERA in his career, is considered by many to be a good pitcher and was sent to the minors earlier in the year only because Oakland has so many other good pitchers. He was sent to the minors by the Twins (which I don’t understand), but he should come up soon. When he does, I’ll be very excited to see him pitch.

I also like that the team called up Vargas and signed Suzuki to a contract extension. Vargas is a big guy who has a lot of power, and he showed some of it on August 6 when he hit a long game-winning three-run homer. He has been compared to David Ortiz! It will be very interesting to see how Vargas does in the future.

The signing of Suzuki was good for the Twins because he has been one of the best catchers in baseball this season. He has always been a good defensive catcher, and he is having a career year offensively, hitting .304. He is also supposed to be a great teammate.

Schafer will be an exciting player to watch on a regular basis. He only has a .222 career average but is extremely fast, having stolen 90 bases in his career. He is similar to Sam Fuld but I think Schafer is faster.

Today, August 9, Trevor May, one of the highest-rated prospects in baseball, makes his major league debut for the Twins. Even though the team is not doing very well right now, these players will hopefully help Minnesota return to playoff contention in the near future!

What do you think of the Twins’ recent moves?

Written by: Sam Graves





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