Posted by: gravessack | November 16, 2013

Mauer Moving To First Base: A Great Decision

On November 11, the Twins announced that superstar Joe Mauer will no longer be a catcher and will now be a first baseman. Mauer, who suffered a concussion playing catcher in August and experienced lingering symptoms until just a few weeks ago, and the Twins made the decision after Mauer consulted with doctors. He had previously said he would like to remain a catcher for the rest of his career, but eventually decided to change positions.

I think this is a great decision. As a catcher, Mauer was repeatedly being hit by foul balls and did not play again after suffering his concussion. As he said, “If I were to have another concussion, the symptoms would probably last as long or even longer.” He is worth WAY too much to be in so much danger of constantly getting hurt. Now that he’s not a catcher he may even be a better player because his body most likely won’t get as beat up and he will be more durable! Also, the Twins already have catchers Josmil Pinto, Chris Herrmann and Ryan Doumit so they can afford to move Mauer. They even are interested in signing (the hated) A.J Pierzynski!

What do you think of Mauer’s position change?

Written by: Sam Graves


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