Posted by: gravessack | November 4, 2013

Boston Are Deserving Champs in Crazy Series

Here is what happened in a nutshell: the Red Sox did suffocate the Cardinals in six games and designated hitter David Ortiz tore the St. Louis pitchers up. You never know what will happen each game and that became true in a series where you saw extraordinary finishes.

First thing first, the six umpires were in the spotlight in this series. Second, Ortiz was a monster. Last, Boston came together and gave Beantown something to celebrate.

Early in the series a second base umpire called a Cardinal runner out—but he was safe. Red Sox shortstop Stephen Drew dropped the ball while transferring it. Both managers argued and each umpire came together for a great debate to reverse the call. But that was just the start of critical umpire decisions. The end of game 3 was just mind-boggling. In the ninth inning, the Cardinals were down by a run when outfielder Jon Jay came to bat. Jay grounded to Dustin Pedroia, Pedroia nailed the runner at the plate for an out, then catcher Jarrod Saltalamacchia threw wildly to third base. Carlos Beltran started to dart home after the errant throw but tripped over third baseman Will Middlebrooks. Immediately third base umpire Jim Joyce correctly called obstruction on Middlebrooks that sent the winning run home. The entire Cardinal team was confused and piled out to question the umpires.

The ending of the next game was a little strange as well. Boston pitcher Koji Uehara picked off Kolton Wong from first; umpire Bill Miller made the correct call. Even though this series potentially could have several controversies, the umpires got each big call correct.

Boston’s Ortiz had a monster World Series, for which MLB awarded him the World Series MVP (why didn’t we keep him?). In six games, Ortiz batted .668 with 11 hits and 6 RBIs. Ortiz also scored 7 runs throughout the series. Just for good measure, the former Twin smashed 2 home runs. When things were getting tough for the Sox, Ortiz brought the team together to pump them up. It worked as they were unstoppable after that. Even through Ortiz was hurting, he played first base in St. Louis so he could be kept in the line-up (remember, there is no DH in the National League). Ortiz left no doubt that he would be the MVP.

On November 2, Boston held a celebratory parade for the Champs. Ever since the Boston Marathon, the Red Sox wanted to unite the grieving city. And after an embarrassing 2012 season, they certainly did that with winning their first world title since 2007. After Boston finished off St. Louis 6-1 in game 6 on October 30, fans gathered at the Marathon finish line and thousands came out to celebrate Saturday with duck boats, with the Red Sox paying tribute to the events that took place in April.

So, another MLB season is in the books after an emotional and wacky series.

Written by: Michael L. Sack


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