Posted by: gravessack | October 1, 2013

Gardenhire Returning! Front Office Blunder?

It seems that the Twins still have faith in their manager. Ron Gardenhire was granted a two-year extension September 30 to be the manager of the Twins through the 2015 season. Good for Gardy, but you’ve got to question a decision to extend a contract for someone who has lost 291 games in 3 years! Somehow I don’t think the Twins were thinking about their fans.

Watching Gardenhire in the dugout lately has been like watching a dog cry when there’s no bone in sight. He seems not to want to act, and when he does, it’s too little, too late. He looks bored or agitated, like he has given up. And we expect him to revive this team?!

This front office is in trouble. They trade All-Stars and say they intend to sign better players, but it doesn’t seem to happen! Moreover, they keep their All-Star prospects down in the minors for several years, while other teams bring them up to watch them shine in MLB. The Twins have had exactly two managers in 27 years. I would say this club doesn’t like change. If the Twins want to improve, they must make bold moves that normal organizations would make. For example, the Cubs fired manager Dale Sveum on Monday after just two seasons. The Twins don’t have the strength do to that for some reason. Ryan has had a close relationship with Gardenhire for a long time, but he may need to put that aside and buck up.

At one point during the press conference, CEO Jim Pohlad said jokingly that they gave Gardenhire a two-year extension because they are “pretty sure” Gardy can record his 1,000th victory within those two years! That shows a load of confidence, doesn’t it? Fans should expect the same thing next year: late pitching changes, cheering players and coaches when small hits and plays are made, and celebrations when they are 20 games below .500. Be prepared for another 85+ loss season.

Good luck though, Gardy; I hope I’m wrong. Please click here for more information about the press conference from FSN.

Written by: Michael L. Sack



  1. Very well said, Michael!

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