Posted by: gravessack | August 3, 2013

A Few Big Changes The Twins Need To Make

As the Twins obviously are not having a good season this year, the team needs to make some major changes by the beginning of next season. Here are a few moves the Twins need to make by the beginning of 2014:

  • Fire manager Ron Gardenhire and pitching coach Rick Anderson. A while ago, I wrote a post on this blog talking about how the Twins should keep Gardenhire. While I still think the Twins’ poor play may not be his fault, I think it would be best if the Twins hire someone new, such as Paul Molitor, and see if a new manager will improve the team’s play. For the same reason, the Twins should get rid of Anderson. Throughout the early 2000s the Twins had good pitching, but they have not the last few years.
  • Trade first baseman Justin Morneau BEFORE the end of this season. Morneau, who is a free agent at the end of this season, should be traded for an ace starting pitcher such as Cliff Lee and NOT for a bunch of prospects. Morneau’s health is an issue and he has struggled some since the All-Star break. The Twins could also get an established leadoff hitter now that they don’t have Denard Span. Clete Thomas, the Twins’ main leadoff hitter now, is okay but he doesn’t walk enough and still strikes out too much to be effective in that spot. I thought the Twins would trade Morneau by the July 31 non-waiver trade deadline but they sill have time before the waiver trade deadline at the end of this month. They can’t let him become a free agent and not get anything for him.

The Twins should probably make some more changes by next season but these are the big ones. What changes do you think the Twins need to make??

Written by: Sam Graves



  1. you really think the Twins could get Lee for Morneau? I don’t think Morneau could fetch anything more than a good A level prospect.

    • Marcus,

      I don’t know if they could get Lee but I think they maybe could get someone more than a good prospect (at least I hope so).


  2. Again Sam, very informative, you have strong opinions and are brave to voice them. I’m glad to call you my friend and hope you are well.

  3. Okay, I usually defer to your judgment but I disagree about Gardy; I think he’s getting blamed for the poor work of others!

  4. I agree about Gardy, but not because of the teams performance. I like Kathy believe he is paying for the sins of others (particularly Bill Smith).

    There is a regime change of players coming down the line. If you check around, the estimated time is 2015. Gardy isn’t getting any younger, and while he still may be good now, I question how he’ll be doing in 2017, 2018 when that group should really be hitting their stride.

    What group am I referring to? I am talking about the lineup that will have an outfield of Aaron Hicks, Byron Buxton, and Oswaldo Arcia, an infield with Daniel Santana, Eddie Rosario, Joe Mauer (I am assuming he’ll be at 1B by then) and Miguel Sano. This is a group of guys that have the ability to really be something special and they deserve to not have a manager switch happen right as they hit their prime.

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