Posted by: gravessack | July 15, 2013

The All-Star Game: Why Does It Have So Much Influence On Baseball?

Tomorrow the MLB All-Star game will be played in New York (It will be in Minnesota next year!). The All-Star game is an exciting game for everyone because it features the best players in the major leagues. It is always a big deal for a city to host the All-Star game and A LOT of preparation is involved. However, the All-Star game isn’t like any other game during the season. The All-Star game is thought by many as more of an exhibition game played for fun and less about who wins.

Beginning in 2003, MLB determined the league that wins the All-Star game would be awarded home-field advantage in the World Series that year to attempt to make the All-Star game more meaningful. Recently, Twins TV broadcasters were discussing how ridiculous this rule is and I totally agree!! One reason is because players may not play as hard in the game as they would do during a regular-season or playoff game. Another reason is that a player for a bad team, such as Houston this year, might make a big play to win his league home-field advantage in the World Series, even though his team probably won’t even come close to making the World Series.

The best alternative would be for MLB to award home-field advantage to the team in the World Series that has the best record that year. The team that plays the best throughout the season should earn the right to have home-field advantage in the World Series, just as they already do in every other playoff round! Another alternative suggested by Twins broadcasters that I agree with is to have the league with the best interleague record that year be awarded home-field advantage. Even having leagues alternate World Series home field advantage each year, which was the rule before 2003, would be better than the current rule.

I understand MLB trying to make the All-Star game more meaningful, but the All-Star game should just be a fun exhibition game for everyone and nothing else. I would like to see players treating the All-Star game like any other game, but many do not (at least for much of the game). MLB needs to change the rules and not have the result of the game factor into any baseball decision. Click here to read more on this issue and to view a poll.

What is your opinion on this topic? If you disagree with the current rule, how would you change it??

Written by: Sam Graves



  1. Great article, Sam!!

  2. I agree with you Sam. I do not know why they do it. It must been hard for the NL because the AL beat the most of the time and they did not get home field advantage. If they want to for home field advantage why don’t they do it for NBA All Star game? Good though eh?

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