Posted by: gravessack | May 23, 2013

Inside Edge: A Great Company

Last week, I met with someone who created Inside Edge, a Minnesota-based baseball statistics company started in 1983. Inside Edge submits reports to amateur and major league baseball teams on each hitter and pitcher on a certain team and his strengths and weaknesses. These statistics can tell pitchers how to pitch to certain hitters, and hitters what to expect from certain pitchers.

Before Inside Edge was founded, only “at-bat statistics” were recorded, notes about what each hitter did in his at-bat. Inside Edge, however, hires people, mostly former professional baseball players, to record every single pitch in a game! Even I, who am somewhat a baseball nut, do not pay close attention to every single pitch, so these people must have incredible patience and skill to be able to determine what kinds of pitches are thrown.

Inside Edge also played a significant role in the making of the movie “Moneyball.” Columbia Pictures, the company that produced the movie, wanted to use some of Inside Edge’s statistics. The next time you watch “Moneyball,” look for the Inside Edge name and logo!

It was very exciting to hear about Inside Edge and what the company does. Click here to learn more. I couldn’t believe I hadn’t heard much about Inside Edge, a fabulous company so close to home!! Have you heard of Inside Edge?? What are your thoughts??

Written by: Sam Graves



  1. Very cool, Sam!!! 🙂

  2. Sammy,
    There is an international software company named SAP Industries. They are providing a complete software pkg to the San Francisco Giants to improve their team, operations and facilities. They are quite innovative. You may have read about them in the newspaper recently because they hired quite a few autistic folks because of their attention to detail and having a good memory for statistics.

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