Posted by: gravessack | May 11, 2013

Who Is This Guy??

Do you know about Oswaldo Arcia?  If not, you will soon!  Arcia, who just turned 22, is primarily an outfielder and is one of the Twins’ top prospects.  Since he was called up to the major leagues last month, Arcia has been red-hot at the plate.  He has 22 hits in 69 at bats and is 3rd on the team with a .319 batting average.  He also is 3rd on the team with 3 home runs this season and is tied for 5th on the team with 12 RBI without playing the first couple weeks of the season!

However, Arcia needs to work on his fielding.  He dropped a fly ball at the wall yesterday which led to the Orioles’ comeback and he has missed a few other catchable fly balls.  Still, because of his red-hot batting so far and his young age, Arcia can become a great player.  I hope I don’t jinx him by writing this, and after last night when he missed the fly ball I wondered if he knew I was going to write about him!

Written by: Sam Graves


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