Posted by: gravessack | October 28, 2012

Trees Please!

Throughout the 2010 season, the Twins first season playing in Target Field, there were spruce trees behind the center-field fence. Following that season, the team had the trees removed because of hitters’ complaints that the tress were too distracting. There was recent conversation about the possibility of replanting the trees, but Twins president Dave St. Peter has said that the trees will not be returning to the outfield.

I think that it’s interesting the Twins don’t want to put the trees back in. In 2010, the Twins won 94 games and the AL Central Division. Since then, the team has won an embarrassingly low 129 games over TWO seasons, finishing a woeful 32 games out of first place in 2011 and 27 games out in 2012. Since baseball players are so superstitious and want things to be kept the same as long as their team is winning, why don’t the Twins replant the trees?! Plus, they look pretty!

What do you think about the trees?? Should the Twins replant them behind the center-field fence or not?

Written by: Sam Graves 




  1. Replant the tree!

  2. A yes for replanting the trees. My guess is the batters have more to distract them then the trees.

  3. I vote for replanting them!

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