Posted by: gravessack | July 16, 2012

Don’t Have Accessible Tickets To Target Field – No Problem!!!

A real-life predicament: somebody offers a group non-ADA Twins tickets to a game at Target Field, but they need handicap accessible seats. What can they do; can they go to the game? This topic often comes up in conversations and I have also been wondering about this. This problem arises the most when getting tickets from someone who can’t use them or on ticket exchange sites, like StubHub. My questions circulated through Twins employees with knowledge about this issue, with Kevin Smith, Executive Director of Public Affairs, responding on behalf of them. Here is what I found out from the Twins:

The Twins want to make it clear that if a fan needing accessible seating has a valid non-ADA ticket to a game, he or she will be granted access into Target Field. But, there are certain things the Twins strongly recommend in order to get appropriate tickets. If a group of people needs to exchange non-handicap tickets for ADA tickets, they must go through the main ticket office at Target Field. According to Smith and his staff, the staff at the main ticket office “will do its best to make the exchange based on availability for that particular game and situation.” But, Smith stresses that fans should make the ticket exchange well in advance, if possible, to decrease problems with finding accessible seats. The Twins explained that it is “easiest to exchange within the same price level if that seating area is available.” The ticket booth always does their best job to find a way to exchange tickets with a positive outcome. The Twins also say that a fan with a non-ADA ticket can’t simply choose an open accessible seat.

Target Field has about 740 accessible seats and the Twins really try to keep family, friends, or other groups together while exchanging tickets for the appropriate seating arrangement. The Twins also wanted to pass along a number to call if you have any questions about purchasing or exchanging ADA tickets: 612-33-TWINS or 1-800-33-TWINS. Have you had experience with this circumstance before? We would like to hear from you!

Written by: Michael L. Sack



  1. Good to know, Michael. Very informative article!

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