Posted by: gravessack | June 26, 2012

Minnesota Has Two Power Soccer National Champions

This year, Minnesota power soccer teams dominated the United States Power Soccer Association (USPSA) National Tournaments. The power soccer teams in Minnesota have great pride and determination. Over the past month, the BraunAbility Premier Cup and the Power Soccer Shop Presidents Cup took place. In both of these tournaments, a combination of three teams from Minnesota competed.

The BraunAbility Premier Cup took place on June 15-17 in Tampa, Florida. This tournament had two pools with four and five teams in a pool. The Minnesota Magic were not expected to win the Championship, but the Magic beat the odds and won all three games in their pool. On June 17, the Magic beat Tampa with a score of 1-0 to earn a spot in the championship game. In the championship game that afternoon, the Magic, coached by Tracy Mayer, captured the title by defeating Circle City, Indiana 5-1. After surpassing their expected 6th-place finish, Magic team member Pete Winslow said, “It was a good feeling knowing we shocked everyone and proved that we could compete there with everyone.” Winslow led his team in goals with seven.

This was Minnesota Magic’s third consecutive title. Previously, the now-extinct Courage Thunder won championships in division one and two. Winslow also commented, “It is unreal that we won this one, but we worked hard and this is the best I have ever played with my guys.”

The Courage Blizzards, a team from Courage Center, won the Power Soccer Shop Presidents Cup on June 21-23 in Minneapolis, Minnesota. The Blizzards defeated every team in pool play. They outscored teams in pool play by a 40-5 margin. In the semi-final game June 23, Courage beat RHI Indy Cruisers, out of Indiana, by a score of 6-0. Then, the Blizzards faced the Turnstone Flyers, also from Indiana, in the title game. The Blizzards quickly took the lead and never looked back, defeating the Flyers 7-0. With this victory, they captured their first championship win. Blizzards’ head coach Ta’avasa Mamea was instrumental in leading the team to become Champions. The team finished in last place in the 2011 Presidents Cup. Forward Deandra Bardell led the Blizzards in scoring with a whopping 23 goals for the tournament.

The other Courage Center team, the Avalanche, finished in 11th place in the Presidents Cup. The Avalanche, head coached by Stacy Sulzynski, lost all of their games, except for an exciting victory in their final game of the tournament. Entering the 11th place game June 23, the Avalanche scored one goal. During the game, the team worked tirelessly, dominating RHI Indiana 4-0. Avalanche’s Tiffany Busone, Grant Akre, and Michael Sack scored the goals. (Busone’s goal was off a penalty kick in the first half.) To watch a photo montage that I made of Courage’s last game, please click here!

Congratulations to all the Minnesota teams that participated in the Power Soccer National Tournaments! A special congrats to the Magic and Blizzards, National Championship winners!

Written by: Michael L. Sack



  1. Michael,

    I am sitting in front of our computer with tears running down my face. You really captured the day, thank you so much! It’s late, so I will show the boys in the morning. Darian is due back from a trip tomorrow and Erin returns Sunday, they are going to love it. You are such a great writer and great role model. Thanks and see you soon!


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