Posted by: gravessack | March 25, 2012

A Spring Training Accessibility Issue

When I was down in Fort Myers for Twins spring training (see March 18 post), I got autographs from two players: Brian Dozier and Brian Duensing. I was thrilled to get these autographs. However, this experience could have been even better with improved accessibility.

While it is very nice of the Twins to give fans the opportunity to get autographs before spring training games, fans in wheelchairs have to get out of their chairs to have players sign something for them. For me, I had to walk down about 20-30 steps to get down to the level where players were signing. As a result, I just missed getting Denard Span’s autograph, who is my favorite player. So, even though it is very impressive of the Twins to offer this, the accessibility at Hammond Stadium, the Twins spring training ballpark, could be improved! Do you have any suggestions for how to improve Hammond Stadium’s accessibility??

Written by: Sam Graves



  1. I am sure that there is a solution to this situation. I have not been to that stadium but I would think someone could come up with a plan that is more user friendly for the wonderful and loyal fans with disabilities. This is a great article and Sam should be complimented for making this issue known to the public. Thank you Sam!

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