Posted by: gravessack | February 11, 2012

Who Will Be On The Twins Opening Day Roster?

Baseball is almost here! Twins pitchers and catchers report February 18! There have been a lot of questions this off-season about who will be on the 2012 Twins Opening Day roster. So, here are the 25 guys who I think will make it.

Batting Order: 1. Denard Span, CF; 2. Jamey Carroll, 2B; 3. Joe Mauer, C; 4. Justin Morneau, 1B; 5. Josh Willingham, RF; 6. Ryan Doumit, DH; 7. Danny Valencia, 3B; 8. Alexi Casilla, SS; 9. Ben Revere, LF

Starting Rotation: 1. Carl Pavano, RHP; 2. Francisco Liriano, LHP; 3. Nick Blackburn, RHP; 4. Scott Baker, RHP; 5. Jason Marquis, RHP

Bench: Drew Butera, C; Luke Hughes, 2B; Chris Parmelee, 1B; Trevor Plouffe, SS; Rene Tosoni, LF (not Tsuyoshi Nishioka, SS!)

Bullpen: Alex Burnett, RHP; Brian Duensing, LHP; Glen Perkins, LHP; Anthony Swarzak, RHP; Joel Zumaya, RHP; Matt Capps, RHP (Closer)

Some More Predictions: Morneau will have to become a full-time DH at some point during the season because of his concussion symptoms. Because of this, Mauer and Doumit will have to play first base. Mauer will be healthier than last year, but still won’t be back to normal. Span will be healthy (or at least for the most part.) Liriano will need to perform well this season or he’ll be traded. Nishioka will begin the season in the minors instead of on the bench because the Twins will want him to play everyday. If Zumaya gets injured (again!), the Twins will call up Scott Diamond to replace him in the bullpen.

Those are my predictions for the 2012 season. What are yours??

Written by: Sam Graves



  1. Red Sox in 2012!

  2. I predict Michael Cuddyer won’t be able to stay away and will be re-signed by the Twins (wishful thinking).

  3. 1. Denard Span, CF; 2. Josh Willingham, RF; 3. Joe Mauer, C; 4. Justin Morneau, 1B; 5. Ryan Doumit, DH; 6.Jamey Carroll, 2B; 7. Danny Valencia, 3B; 8. Alexi Casilla, SS; 9. Ben Revere, LF

  4. Dream on Kathy Graves. Cuddyer is ours (Rockies)!!
    You will need to visit CO. if you want to see him,

  5. Sam, I thought Carrol played SS or 3B

    • You might be right actually Pete. He might play 2B

      • I mean SS

  6. So is Nishi really out? Makes me sad to think that the usual amazing decision makers wasted so much time with him.

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