Posted by: gravessack | November 4, 2011

Star Tribune Debuts Controversial Plan

On November 1, the Star Tribune implemented a new plan to charge readers of So far, the plan isn’t getting good feedback and is causing some controversy. The Star Tribune unveiled the new system where readers of will have to pay $1.99 a week if they want to read more than twenty articles per month. In other words, readers of the website will be able to read twenty free articles per month before the “paywall” goes into effect. It should be mentioned that customers who have the paper delivered to their residence at least two times per week are able to read free of charge.

This news could make it difficult for readers with physical disabilities to read the Star Tribune. Some patrons with disabilities have low-income due to work limitations, which will make it hard for them to pay the weekly fee. Many people with physical disabilities have to rely on reading material in an electronic format because they have a tough time turning newspaper pages or need an electronic screen reader. Reading material online increases independence. One example of this is that the physically disabled can turn pages or navigate to different sections on the website by themselves.

One other accessibility feature on is that people can make the font size bigger if they have a hard time reading small print. I hope there is an outcry from the physically disabled, or that the Star Tribune agrees to a deal that patrons who have disabilities can read the online version for free.

I read a ton. It is an appropriate adaptation for me. I do not want somebody who needs to read the Minneapolis paper online to now have to pay for it. To read more about this controversial feature, click here.

Written by: Michael L. Sack



  1. Read? What is this read thing you speak of? I just want my baseball pictures. What do you think of the GM dance?

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