Posted by: gravessack | November 2, 2011

“2011 MCIL Transition Student of the Year”

On October 26, about 110 people filled the Radisson Hotel in Roseville for a dinner to celebrate the 30th anniversary of MCIL (Metropolitan Center For Independent Living). MCIL is an organization that promotes independent living by “supporting individuals with disabilities in their personal efforts to pursue self-directed lives.” Each year, MCIL honors a few people at its annual dinner who have made, according to MCIL Transition Specialist Nick Wilkie, “personal achievements in living independent lives.”

This year, one of the honorees was “Two Men On” writer Michael Sack!! This was an extraordinary and well-deserved honor for Sack.  He received a plaque reading “2011 MCIL Transition Student of the Year,” and gave a great acceptance speech. Sack was nominated for this honor last spring by Wilkie.

As Sack said in his speech, his biggest accomplishment came last year, when he found out that a certain college had misinterpreted a disability law. He then contacted the Disability Law Center, who then contacted the college and said his request for an accommodation was reasonable, based on his disability. As a result of his efforts, the college began to change its policy.

People like Sack have shown just how motivated they are to achieve lofty goals. That motivation, along with the help of MCIL, has helped to make achieving those goals possible. Click here to visit MCIL’s website. Congratulations, Michael, on receiving this very well-deserved honor–and for mentioning “Two Men On” in your acceptance speech!

Written by: Sam Graves



  1. WAY TO GO MICHAEL!!!!!!! CONGRATULATIONS ON YOUR AWARD! We are all very proud of you!

    the Stermer’s

  2. Yah Michael, Good job!
    I am proud to be a friend and sorry for sneaking up on you that night! Did not men to scary you that night!

  3. Congratulations, Mike! You have accomplished so much, I’m sure you are very proud 🙂

    Amy , Darian and Kids

  4. Michael, your advocacy on this college issue will benefit the many, many students who will come after you. We won’t forget you started the change! With thanks and admiration…

  5. Congratulations to Michael. As a faithful reader of “Two Men On” you, Michael, and Sam have helped me understand much more that baseball. Your willingness to challenge and to advocate will help others – we can all be thankful for your efforts.

  6. Great post Sam! Happy to share in your success.

  7. Thats Awesome Michael! Im a little slow on reading your post, But when i do, I always leave the site with a smile on my face 🙂

  8. Heard about this from Amy a while ago, but forgot to say congratulations Michael! Great job!

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