Posted by: gravessack | August 7, 2011

Target Field Changes in the Future?

After reading the title of this post, you may be wondering how a state-of-the-art ballpark can be improved. OK, fair enough. Ever since the Twins took down the trees from center field last winter, center field has looked bare at Target Field. Those trees completed center field, as the original Twins insignia is prominently displayed above where the trees were. But I may have a solution for that and one other problem at Target Field.

Last month, while looking at the bare batters eye, I thought of an idea that would improve the look. The Twins should install a multi-color waterfall to brighten up center field. The waterfall could start at the top of the batter’s eye and stream down the wall into drains. The waterfall could have a lot of colors mixed in, including red and blue. The Twins could throw in a few emblems and designs also. Since players would think this idea could decrease their ability of seeing a pitch, the waterfall light show would only be shown during when the game is not being played. For example, before and after games, and in between innings. I think this would be a great improvement to a center field that was robbed of its trees. After all, the Twins need to find something to brighten up the wall beyond center field.

Also, the Twins should install accessible seating in the moat, the walkway in the middle of the first level, to give people in wheelchairs a unique view of the field. Some MLB stadiums, like Kaufman Stadium in Kansas City, have several wheelchair seating areas in their moat. Ever since Target Field opened, I have been dumbfounded as to why the ballpark designers didn’t do this. Accessible seating in the moat would enhance the game day experience to disabled fans. Even though Target Field does have handicap seating in the very first row, adding seating there would give ALL fans the opportunity to sit in the most prime seats of the ballpark. The moat runs in the middle of the first level between first and third base.

If you read this Twins, please consider these ideas to put the finishing touches on Target Field (at least for a while). What do you, readers, think of these ideas?

Written by: Michael L. Sack


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