Posted by: gravessack | August 1, 2011

Twins say: “No Deal”

As the non-waiver trading deadline approached July 31 at 3pm, several Twins players were in trade talks. When the deadline passed, the Twins didn’t add or subtract any players, although they were very busy talking to teams this week. The Twins wanted to acquire a relief pitcher that could really help the struggling bullpen. Here is the rundown:

The closest deal that went down was Denard Span, Twins outfielder, going to Washington for closer Drew Storan and second baseman Ian Desmond. The deal seemed imminent on Sunday, but the Nationals weren’t ready to part with Storan. Storan was the main part of this deal, according to the Twins. Storan has 27 saves for the Nationals this year. If the Twins made this deal, outfielder Ben Revere would be the full-time center fielder. I wouldn’t mind this trade as the Twins already have a pretty good center fielder and would add a pretty good closer.

Also, a couple other Twins players were mentioned in possible trades. Earlier in the week, outfielder Jason Kubel was looked at by Pittsburgh. The Phillies asked the Twins about Designated Hitter Jim Thome. Outfielder (or anywhere you want him) Michael Cuddyer and pitcher Kevin Slowey were brought up as trade topics. It was believed that Slowey was the most likely Twin to be traded. Kubel and Cuddyer were thought of being traded because they are both free agents after this year.

But Bill Smith, Twins General Manager, didn’t trade anybody as he thinks the Twins can still make the play-offs. After all, the Twins are only seven games out of first place. The Twins can still sign players, but players need to be put through waivers now. The morale of this busy week in Major League Baseball: the Minnesota Twins say “NO DEAL”.

Written by: Michael L. Sack



  1. I think that once (if) we get more of our people back in the game, we will be fine. I like that we did not move anyone…..Young and Span still bug me, but i’m ready to let them play it out…..Let’s Play Ball!!!

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