Posted by: gravessack | July 29, 2011

Reaction To Souhan Article And Trade Rumors

On July 27, Jim Souhan of the Minneapolis Star Tribune wrote an article explaining how the Twins should trade Michael Cuddyer and start preparing now for next season. At the beginning of the article, Souhan wrote: “Not only are the Twins unlikely to win the division, they are unlikely to reach .500 again.”

I believe the comment about it being unlikely that the Twins will reach .500 again this season is somewhat ridiculous. The Twins are currently seven games below .500, but there are still 2 months left in the regular season! There is plenty of time for the Twins to get to and pass the .500 mark.

While it will not be easy for the Twins to win the division (they have to pass three teams), it is a little early to start saying it is unlikely. Right now, Minnesota is six games out of first place after being 16.5 games out on June 1, so why can’t the team make up six more games in two months?

“Cuddyer has professed his love for the Twins and the Twin Cities. He is one of the most admirable athletes I’ve encountered. Now is the time to test his loyalty, by trading him”, says Souhan later in the article. How would trading Cuddyer test his loyalty? I don’t get it. To read the article, click here.

Here’s what I would do. Instead of trading Cuddyer, I would trade Delmon Young and put Denard Span in left field when he comes back from his injury, with Ben Revere staying in center field. Young isn’t hitting very well this year, but still has high expectations, so teams would probably be interested in acquiring him. I like Revere in center field, where he has to do a lot of running, because he is very fast. Span has played left field before, so he can handle it. And even though Revere doesn’t have a very strong arm, I think this is a good idea. There have been rumors that Span will be traded to Washington for closer Drew Storen, but this trade shouldn’t happen, either. If you’re reading this, Gardy, do these things and DON’T TRADE CUDDYER OR SPAN!!! What do you think of Souhan’s article and the trade rumors??

Written by: Sam Graves



  1. Souhan has rocks in his head. There might be some truth that the Twins are out of it, But “out of it” is differant than viable, entertaining, product. Just because a team is “out of it” does not mean there are not fans that deserve the best posible team to be put on the field. Having Cuddy on the field makes team a better entertainment value. So unless they are going to reduce the price of the tickets, Cuddy should remain a Twin. Besides, we are not out of it.

  2. PS.
    TRADE SPAN. He is a BUM

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