Posted by: gravessack | June 29, 2011

A “Killer” Birthday Party

On a warm June 29 day, the Twins and the Harmon Killebrew Foundation celebrated Harmon Killebrew’s would-be 75th birthday. Killebrew, a Twins Hall-Of-Famer, passed away in May from esophageal cancer. The Twins opened the Budweiser Roof Deck to his friends and family. About 150 people attended the party, including Nita Killebrew, Harmon’s wife. Besides celebrating his birthday, the foundation held a dinner at Target Field the same night.

At the event, the Twins served free food and drinks to Killebrew’s guests, as this was a fundraiser, and tickets were expensive. The spread included hamburgers, hot dogs, beans, chips, and cookies. Of course, they had Killebrew Root Beer. During the game, we got on the video board! We also saw and talked to various people, including Kevin Thoreson of the Miracle League (see June 21 post), and Mike Anderson of Anderson’s Designer Portraits, who took the photo of us with Killebrew and former teammates Frank Quilici and Dick Stigman at last year’s Harmon Killebrew Foundation dinner.

In terms of accessibility, the Budweiser roof deck just passes the grade book. The bar area and fire pit is completely accessible, but the seating is iffy. The seating area is skinny, and there is barely enough room to maneuver a wheelchair though. When looking out to the field, you can’t see left field. For some people in wheelchairs, a railing could obstruct views. But, those minor things barely seem troublesome, as you could have a blast on the deck with a view of downtown Minneapolis.

Most importantly, the Twins were victorious on Killebrew’s birthday, which was a great way to finish off a great day at the ballpark! A huge thank you to Kelly McDyre and the entire Killebrew family for inviting us to this very special and “Killer” event!

Written by: Michael L. Sack and Sam Graves



  1. Awesome fellas! Great post!

  2. What a great party to be invited to. Your pictures say it all!! You had a awesome time. Good luck to the Twins and the remaining season. Wish I could watch their games, but living in Denver doesn’t allow that. Guess I remain a Rockies fan.
    Keep blogging guys. You do a wonderful job and it does keep me in touch with the Twins.

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