Posted by: gravessack | June 27, 2011

More Injuries Should Lead to Some Changes in the Future

Just as the Twins activated a bunch of players from the Disabled List (DL), more players are heading there. Over the past two weeks, the Twins brought back a whole host of players including Joe Mauer, Tsuyoshi Nishioka, Glen Perkins, Joe Nathan, and Jim Thome. After winning 17 out of 19 games since June 1, the Twins are currently on a five-game skid. News got worse this week when we learned that two Twins players will be out for quite some time: Justin Morneau and Delmon Young.

On June 14, first baseman Justin Morneau was placed on the DL with a left wrist sprain. The Twins were going to immobilize his wrist for ten days, but things didn’t go as planned. After talking to doctors, Morneau decided to have neck surgery this Wednesday to remove some bone fragments (don’t ask me how this is related to his wrist!). Morneau reportedly was not pushing to have neck surgery, but doctors convinced him. Due to his injuries, Morneau hasn’t seen much playing time over the past few years; he missed five games in April due to an injury and the whole second half of last season with a concussion. This year, Morneau is batting .225 with 4 home runs. He isn’t the power threat he was a couple of years ago. He won’t be in the line-up until mid-August.

During the June 25 game, outfielder Delmon Young sprained his right ankle while making a good attempt to catch a ball. Young misplayed a fly ball in Milwaukee, starting to run in, then sprinting after the ball towards the wall. While attempting to catch the ball that Brewers’ Yuniesky Betancourt hit, Young’s foot caught the base of the fence. He landed awkwardly, and at that moment it looked like a catastrophic injury, as Young was rolling around on the ground in extreme pain. At first, it looked like he had broken his right leg. He had to be taking off the field on a stretcher. After the game, Young had an MRI that came back negative, but he was immediately placed on the 15-day DL. In 55 games this season, Young is batting .207 with 2 home runs. The timetable for his return is yet to be determined. The Twins can easily replace Young by putting Ben Revere in left field.

An interesting thought: Before next year’s trade deadline, I think the Twins should consider trading Young and Morneau to Milwaukee for All-Star slugger Prince Fielder, a first baseman. Fielder is an enormous power hitter who would look great in a Twins uniform. A free agent at the end of the season, Fielder would be a threat in the fourth spot of the line-up and hopefully smack some home runs on to Target Plaza. The Twins should trade Morneau because he might keep declining his offensive numbers and has problems staying in the line-up. As a result, Revere would be the full-time right fielder. Also, the Twins should sign a free-agent catcher who could split playing time at catcher with Mauer. Finally, Mauer could sometimes play third base, alternating with Danny Valencia.

Do you agree or disagree? What do you think the Twins should do in the future? Let us know by leaving a comment!

Written by: Michael L. Sack



  1. Michael, I adore your suggestion about acquiring Prince Fielder!! One of my favorite players. Ask Sammy or Kathy. 🙂

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