Posted by: gravessack | April 2, 2011

My Opening Day Festivities

We’re back to brats, grass, sun, and fun with the first full day of Major League Baseball taking place on April 1. Baseball fans across America have been looking forward to this day since the World Series ended last November. If baseball is America’s national past time, fans deserve to celebrate! I certainly had my full day of watching some ball–I had “baseball fever”!

My baseball celebration started at 11:30, when my dad and I drove to the Fort Snelling Light Rail Station. On a cold and windy day, we went to the Gopher baseball game at Target Field. The Gophers were playing against the Purdue Boilermakers. The tickets were General Admission, so we could sit anywhere. We chose Section 115, which is right behind home plate. Those seats were so great!

The new video board, which is above the grandstand, was very helpful because we couldn’t see the main video board. This board will be helpful for fans in the lower deck because their view of the main board is obstructed by the second deck. I heard the wonderful sound of a college baseball bat, saw the first sun shine on Target Field, and ate a burger. During the 4th inning, we moved to a wheelchair section behind third base, giving us an even better view of the new video board. As we left, near Gate 29, I saw the new heaters on the Terrace Level. One thing that disappointed me was that they didn’t have the “Twins” tower on. The Gophers won nine to five, by the way!

In the night-cap, I went to my uncle’s house to watch the Twins opener. Friends and family gathered in his beautiful basement to watch the game on his huge TV. We had a feast of pizza, hot dogs, chips, bars, and peanuts. As for the game, the Twins gave up four runs in the first inning and never came back. The Twins pitching staff gave up four home runs, two to J.P. Arencibia, Toronto’s catcher. In the top of the 6th inning, Tsuyoshi Nishioka slugged his first Major League hit, which was a single. Ultimately, the Blue Jays beat the Twins by a score of thirteen to three. Hopefully, this game was just Opening Day nerves.

That’s my report on Opening Day. What did you do to celebrate?

Written by: Michael L. Sack



  1. I told you this team is no good…0-2…..0-162?

  2. ok, we got it now….. just like I told you we would.

  3. Make up your mind Ed ok?!

  4. Thanks for the tickets Sam.

  5. I guess it’s kind of a problem that you’re planning on getting to the ballpark 4 hours late!!

  6. Hi Sam and Michael,

    One of your parents gave me your link when we met at the Social Media in the Arts Working Group meeting today in Minneapolis. She told me about your blog and the intersection of the game of baseball and accessibility – not to mention getting the attention of Twins’ President Dave St. Peter, et al.

    First of all, this is a well-written blog. This goes beyond being a fan blog and is at par (if not well above) with a lot of the better stuff I’ve read on the MLB Advanced Media Server and elsewhere. All I can say if keep up the good work and perhaps you can join us on the MLBlogsphere! I will definitely put in a mention on my MLBlog after i am done with grad school this weekend.

    Keep blogging! Peace!

    – Randy Stern

  7. Mr. Stern,

    Thanks a lot for commenting on our blog! I read some of your blog and you know a lot about baseball! You know a lot more than me. Your blog is very informative and I like the pictures too!

    Sam Graves

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