Posted by: gravessack | March 21, 2011

ADA Has New Regulations

On March 15, 2011, new ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) regulations went into effect. The new regulations include service animals, mobility devices, ticketing, and communication. Here is a detailed description of each one.

  • Service Animals: Now, ONLY dogs qualify as service animals. No other animal may serve as a service animal to a person with disabilities. Dogs must be trained to do work or to perform tasks for a disabled person.
  • Miniature Horses (It would be so cool to have one of those!): Even though mini-horses are not classified as service animals, they can be used as an alternative to dogs if the mini-horses are trained. They have to be a certain size to be used.
  • Wheelchairs and Other Power-Driven Mobility Devices: Wheelchairs must be permitted in all areas open to pedestrian use. Other Power-Driven Mobility Devices (OPMDs, like an electric scooter) must be permitted unless their use would cause a disturbance or a safety hazard.
  • Ticketing (tickets to sporting events, concerts, etc.): Tickets for accessible seating must be available to purchase during the same hours, during the same stages of ticket sales, and through the same methods of distribution as tickets for non-accessible seating.
  • Effective communication: Video remote interpreting (VRI) services may be used to provide effective communication. A minor child may not be used to interpret or facilitate communication except under emergency situations.

There will be more ADA regulations coming March 15, 2012. These have not been announced yet.

Written by: Sam Graves



  1. Good information guys – thanks!
    And a mini-horse would be cool – but then so would a monkey???

  2. All of those new changes seem to be great! It is nice to see that now a person with a disability does not have to worry about buying tickets in advance of an event. It seems trivial, but it makes complete sense for a minor child not to have to aide with communication. Also, I agree with you, having a miniature horse would be pretty cool.

  3. Hey
    Is this whole thing a shot at Mr. Ed? I didn’t believe people could talk until I heard it myself. I like mini-doughnuts.

  4. Good information Sam and it seems there is more to come.
    Target executives are taking great care of people with disabilites.
    I lke that.
    Another nice entry Sam.
    Opening day will soon be here!

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