Posted by: gravessack | March 5, 2011

Snow May Cause Havoc at Target Field

Well, Twins fans, you wanted an outdoor stadium, and you got it. While the Twins are experiencing warm weather in Florida, we are dealing with snow — a lot of it — here in Minneapolis. We have had a couple of rounds of snowfalls over a foot this year (remember when the Metrodome’s roof collapsed under 17 inches of snow on December 12??). Meteorologists predict another 15 inches could fall next week.

So, is Target Field in danger of not being ready for the opening game on April 8?

The Twins have tried to prepare by installing a fabulous drainage system that is supposed to melt snow fast. In fact, right when the Twins turn on the system, precipitation is supposed to dissolve into the ground quickly. The system has 5 layers, including a heating system combined with the drainage system. Last year, the Twins had to suspend only one game due to rain. In fact, for a couple of games last season, it was pouring right before game time and the game started on time.

Sorry to say this, but there have been snowstorms in April. According to, on April 14, 1983, 14 inches fell on the Twin Cities. The snowiest April on record was in 1983 with 22 inches of snow. The average snowfall in April is 2.8 inches. So, as it looks now, there is a pretty good chance that we will see some snow at the start of the Twins season.

The Twins have another problem due to the snow. They will need to dig out 40,000 seats before the season begins. That could take some time, especially if the snow keeps falling!

We wanted an outdoor stadium so we’ll have to accept that different types of precipitation will come with it. It will be interesting to watch this year. If nothing else, fans may be entertained with a game of “Snowball.”

Written by: Michael L. Sack



  1. you never know it could melt Micheal. And if there is to much it will be somewhere else

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