Posted by: gravessack | January 29, 2011

The tree controversy

When Target Field was completed a year ago, 14 black spruce trees were beyond the center-field fence. Now the Twins plan to remove the trees in an effort to improve the “batter’s eye.”

The removal was based on Twins hitters’ complaints that the trees made it difficult to see the ball when it was pitched, especially in the late afternoon. Outfielder Michael Cuddyer said, “The trees were beautiful, but they cast like three different shades on the background — right in the view of the hitter.” Twins president Dave St. Peter said it’s possible that the trees could be replanted in different parts of the stadium.

Also, the team plans to install a new “honeycomb-like material” on the backdrop beyond center field, like the Seattle Mariners did at their ballpark, Safeco Field. This is supposed to reduce the glare for hitters, which was a problem last season during late afternoon games.

I, like many other fans, liked the trees in center field. Hopefully, they will still be somewhere in Target Field. For more info on the “tree controversy”, click here.

Written by: Sam Graves



  1. It’s nice to know they are being saved. Those poor hitters can’t see the ball, hopefully this will help our bats improve too. Ours vs. everyone else.

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