Posted by: gravessack | December 30, 2010

Good luck Harmon!

On December 30, Twins legend Harmon Killebrew released a statement saying he has been diagnosed with esophageal cancer and is being treated at the Mayo Clinic. He said his condition is very serious, but he has confidence in his medical staff. He also said, “I anticipate a full recovery.”

I had the pleasure of meeting Killebrew earlier this year (see May 25 post). He took pictures with us and was very nice.

For more on Harmon’s illness, click here. Wishing you the best in your recovery, Harmon!

Written by: Sam Graves



  1. I wish Harmon Killebrew the best in his recovery. He is a great supporter of Twins baseball and a friend of Minnesota sports. Thanks for the article Sam. Keep us posted on his progress.

  2. An amazing man who has done so much to raise money for athletes with disabilities. Here’s to his full recovery!

  3. The Killer is one of the reasons I am and will always be a Twins fan. When I was growing up he was THE MAN. Harmon and Tony O. are the examples of what an athlete can be. Pure class. And a perfect swing…… has a nice little story on him today.

  4. Excellent commentary. You have a future.

  5. Believe it or don’t, Harmon is one of my heroes. All of Minnesota wishes him the best!

  6. Great article, keep us posted Sam…Harmon is a HERO of many, I remember that you got to spend time with him recently. You posted a great picture of the two of you, Uncle Paul and I liked that picture.

  7. Nice article, Sam! I’ve enjoyed looking through your blog site…good work.

  8. Prays for Harmon Killebrew Good job guys. Go, 20,000!

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